10 Signs Which Tell That Your Girl Is Not In Love With You Anymore



Relationships don’t have a very long life nowadays and love disappears very early. It becomes very difficult for a couple to stay together if there is no love between them. However, love doesn’t get lost instantly; it happens gradually and there are enough signs which are exhibited by a woman to make a man understand that she is no more in love with him.

Here are 10 of such signs:

1.Remains silent


Usually, women like to talk as they have a lot of things in their mind which they like to discuss and it is a concern if she remains silent more and talks less.

2.Strange behaviour

Her behaviour starts getting strange and she gives ample hints that she does not like the presence of her partner. From talking in an angry tone to giving an annoying look, these are the signals that she is no more in love.


3.For her, now it’s only about her


She now thinks only about herself; her priority is all about her life, her job and her future. She is not even concerned with what is happening in the life of her partner.

4.Nothing matters to her


There is nothing which matters to her; whatever a man does for her, she is not moved by it as if she has already decided that it is enough for her and there is no going back.

5.No physical relationship

She is not interested in getting intimate and this is definitely a serious concern for a man who wants to keep relationship alive.


6.Doesn’t pay attention


A lady who is in love always wants to get attention of her lover but if she is not craving for attention, it means that her love has also finished with it.

7.The spark in the relationship dies off


There is always a spark in every relationship which is full of love but as the love dies, that spark and love for each other disappears.

8.Not interested in looks of her man

She is not interested in how her man looks; she doesn’t like to talk about which dress will look better on him and which won’t suit him.

9.Feelings of the partner don’t matter to her


She is not concerned with the feelings of her partner and prefers to live life her own way.

10.She never gets angry at you

If a lady stops getting angry and doesn’t get mad at her partner, no matter whatever he does, it means that she is not bothered about him at all.

If you are also witnessing such changes in your partner, do take them seriously and take required steps.

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