100 Years Old Woman Raped By 24-Yr Youth, Died. Is It The End Of Humanity?

100 Years


There is no doubt that India is not a safe country for women but now we are facing such incidents which are making us believe that the number of devils is increasing at a very high rate here. This is not necessary that these devils will be interested only in young girls or mature women; in fact, they won’t mind using a 5-month girl or 5-yr girl to 100-yr woman for satisfying their lust.

It may sound horrific and shameful to human ears but it is true that a 100 years old woman was raped by a 24-yr pervert in a village called Jani in Meerut district. The victim was already not keeping well and she was living with her brother. The youth who has been identified as Ankit Punia was drunk when he committed this heinous crime.

Ankit was trying to flee away after committing the crime but the victim’s brother and neighbours came in after hearing her screams and caught him. The rapist was then arrested by the police; however, he maintains that he is absolutely innocent and no crime has been committed by him.


On the other hand, the old lady was already not well and this act of cruelty made it more difficult for her to survive and she succumbed to it. As the lady has died, the police has stated that Ankit will be booked under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Who can believe that not even a 100 years old lady is safe in the country where Goddesses are worshipped and a festival of 9 days called Navratra is celebrated by the whole country. On one day, we worship them and on the other day we behave with them in such a cruel manner. What are we becoming? We always accuse law and order for increasing crimes but don’t you think that before blaming anyone, we have to work to change the mentality of people around us and make them learn that a woman is not just an object of sexual pleasure? She is also a human being who has emotions and can feel pain and happiness.

Take care of your loved ones, no one is safe now.

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