15 Year Old Boy Spends 19 Lakhs on Flight Ticket Just to Travel in 380 Air Bus

15 year old

Childhood even today are considered to be the best memories of our life. And I am sure when we are talking about childhood, we all must have come across a stage when days have been really very awkward and we have trying figuring out where life is actually taking us. But this 15 year old guy is very much different from us. His childhood is completely different and unique. He flies in a first class and believes it to be the only best way of enjoying when you are flying.


You may all remember a guy with name Rasheed Belhasa, who is also known to be the rich kid of Instagram. This Dubai guy is so rich that he has landed up spending 19 lakhs just on a flight ticket. A video that is shared below shows him travelling in 380 bus like a king.

Youtube Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJvkqv2r8jU

He has named his Instagram account as Money Kicks, and is the son of a well-known Emirati business tycoon, living his life in an extraordinary style. Throughout the video he shows us the things that we actually need to know about 380 Airbus. And the ticket costs only Rs 19 lakhs which is according to him no biggie.

He is most of the time found hanging with some of the well-known celebrities like Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty Etc. And has to deny at times as they are really very tiring. He being the owner of Money kicks today owns a sneaker collection of more than 6.5 lakhs. He owns a Ferrari and not just a Ferrari but even has an Instagram account that will actually leave you speechless and envious.

He has launched the Milkshake in the Dubai Mall, and is launched in the chocolate bar all over Dubai. He also has a few pets with whom he spends most of his time and when he is not with the celebrities he is found chilling out with his pets.  Rasheed also does brand collaborations bringing his favourite back pack collection in the Middle East.


Rasheed has his own wardrobe collection of shoes and this collection includes the gold and Pinnacles shoes. Life does not in any ways seem to be ordinary for this kid. It’s something more than ordinary.  And who says money cannot buy all the happiness.

After looking at all this I am sure we do get the answer for our question. Yes money can buy our happiness.


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