18 Months Old Baby Raped By Father’s Friend Who Was Babysitting Her. RIP Humanity

Baby Raped


Delhi already has a very bad reputation when it comes to women safety and once again, the city has witnessed an incident which has ashamed humanity.

A man of sick mentality has made an 18 months old baby girl target of his lust on Monday afternoon in Shahpur Jat village (Delhi) and the poor girl is admitted in hospital at present.

Her parents informed the police in evening when they got to know about rape after they found blood on the private parts and clothes of the girl. The accused was arrested from the same house.

The police told that the accused is 21 years old and before he got arrested, he was beaten badly by the public. Additional DCP (south), Chinmoy Biswal, told,

“The accused has said he did not run away after the crime as he regretted his mistake. We don’t know if he is saying the truth.”

The victim is getting treated at Safdarjung hospital and can be sent home on Wednesday. The medical superintendent of Safdarjung hospital, Dr Rajendra Sharma, said,

“She was admitted with cuts and bruises and blood clot. However, she did not have any major injury and did not need any surgical intervention.”

The father of the girl is a small time businessman who makes his living by supplying laborers in factories and charges commission for it while her mother works as a domestic help. They have two more kids, a 10-yr son and 6-yr daughter. The victim’s father helped the accused in getting a job as they both are from the same village. The father told,

“He belongs to my village and had been staying at my house for the last two months. Since his duty was at nights, he would take care of my children when my wife and I would be away at work in the daytime.”

Chinmoy told that the girl was raped in the afternoon; her parents left for work while siblings went to school and the accused was alone at home with her. The father further told,

“When my wife returned home in the evening and checked our daughter, she found blood on her clothes. She immediately checked her to find she had been sexually assaulted.”

The mother also alleges that there was one more guy with the accused who raped her daughter; however, no evidence has been found by police which confirms this allegation. The Delhi Police spokeperson, Dependra Pathak, said,

“We continue to probe the parents’ allegations earnestly and will act if anyone else was involved.”

Don’t you think that there should be a change in the law related to rape and the punishment needs to be made so severe that it should instill fear in the mind of the devil?

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