256 Years Old Man Breaks His Silence before Death Revealing Secrets To the World

256 Years Old Man

Which is the longest age a person has ever lived for? Meet Mr Li Ching Yuen, a man who has lived for 256 years. And this is not a myth or a fictional tale, this is something that is actually true. According to the New York Times 1930 article, Mr Ling Ching Yuen who is a professor by profession at the Chengdu University, turned out to discover imperial Chinese governmental records from 1827 on his 150th birthday, and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday. The Newyork Times Correspondent in the year 1928 wrote that many old men in Li neighbourhood said that their grandfather knew him very well when they were small kids and he at that time was actually a grown up man.

The man began with his career when he was just 10 years old, gathering herbs from the mountain ranges and used to learn a lot about their potency for longer living. He was a man who for almost a period of 40 years just survived on the diet of only herbs. During his 70’s he was a teacher at the Martial Arts in Chinese armies. And another most important thing he got married for 23 times and was a father for about 200 children. He was an illiterate child and by the time he completed century he use to collect herbs from different cities. Once he stopped searching for herbs he then started buying them from others.

He believed that he had a secret that made him live so long. And when asked about this he said that the secret behind his healthy life was keeping a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk like a pigeon and the last but not the least sleep like a dog. This was his secret of life that he actually got out and revealed. He was believed to be a man who had piece of mind. Breathing techniques and calmness was his tools to live a long life. There are so many people among us who have been living by doing regular exercises, eating proper food and living a healthy lifestyle. And these are individuals who have been living on just the nature and turn out to be physically, mentally and socially healthy.

On his death bed he said this, I have done all that I wanted to do when I was living in this world. Could his last peaceful words also be a secret for all of us to live a long life like him? Can we also turn out to be like them? Can we? Though this is something hard enough to believe but we have to believe this. It is so unfortunate that we do know what can let us live for more than 100 years, but our lifestyle we are living in and addition has given us the average life line of say some 75 to 80 years. That’s it and not something more than this.

So what do you think you should be doing right now? Should we like all those people start changing our lifestyle? If we do try this we can definitely bring a change. And if we are successfully able to do this then the world will definitely change for a good cause and no one will be able to spare our profit of being so healthy. When we do treat our body in a right manner, we will know how healthy we are and for how long are we actually going to live.

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