5 Most Powerful Armies On The Earth

powerful army

Every country needs to have a strong army to protect its citizens and their interests but the important question that remains here is what all is needed to have a strong and a powerful army. In the present times, there are number of factors which play an important role in strengthening the army such as number of soldiers, the technology used by the army, quality and volume of arms and ammunitions, the number and quality of field equipments, such as tanks and artillery,  its experience of combat in various situations and conditions.

Here we are going to tell you about 5 most powerful armies of the world


indian army

The Indian army is undoubtedly one of the most powerful armies of the world and they have proved it time and again. They have not just fought full-fledged wars with Pakistan and China but they are also dealing the Maoist terrorists in the Eastern belt of the country as well as with the Pakistan sponsored terrorism in J&K.

India was not at par with its competitors in the past as far as the technology is concerned but if we talk of today, it is focusing on making its army equipped with advance-technology and for this purpose it is collaborating with Israel, Europe, France, USA and its trusted friend of long-time, Russia.


france army

France is very determined to play an important role in the world politics which will not only increase its status among the European nations but all across the globe and this calls for the need of strong army as a lot is going wrong in the world nowadays. France has focused a lot on developing advanced military equipments on its own which not only increases its military power but also provides it with an option to sell these equipments to other nations and earn huge profit further strengthening its economy.

The French Army has a good experience of battling it out in Afghan and North African areas and presently, it is also taking on the terrorists of IS and other terrorist organisations.



Things have changed a lot for Russia after the end of Cold war and for its army too. Russian army faced insurgency situations in its neighbouring areas but with the collapse of its military-industrial system, it was left with very limited out-dated military equipments which were not well maintained too. It faced a lot of difficulties in Chechnya and other parts but as the economy started recovering, investments were made in Army too and now once again, it is looking formidable and undefeatable.

Russian army may inflict fear into its enemies with its size only but still it needs to keep itself well-equipped and for that it should have a proper military-industrial system in place.

United States


The USA has lead the world in its fight against terror for many years and it all started in 1991, when USA defeated Iraqi army and then in 2003, it invaded Iraq and arrested its ruler, Saddam Hussein on the charges of developing weapons of mass destruction. The American army has played a good role in Afghanistan too, against Taliban and it has been very effective against the terrorism.

America is working towards keeping its army equipped with modern equipments and technology but still there are some equipments which are from the Cold War era. However, it doesn’t make USA army any less strong and its experience in combat operations make it lethal and powerful.



People’s Liberation Army plays an important role in the political system of China too. The Chinese army may not have much funds in comparison to USA army but it is one of the biggest armies in the world and it has a pretty good control on the country’s political and economic situation.  However what PLA lacks the most is practical experience as it hasn’t experienced any real warfare after the Sino-Vietnamese war and it has kept itself far away from the war on terror.

Do let us know if there is any country which has a mighty and powerful army like the above five.

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