Aarushi Murder Case: Look What Her Best Friend Fiza Jha Has to Say about Talwar’s In Her Blog

Aarushi Murder Case


On the 15th May 2008 Aarushi Talwar was found murdered on her bed.  She had sustained many injuries through a fatal blow on her forehead. Her throat was slit, and the body was found by her parents the very next morning. Two days after aarushi death, the main suspect Hemraj Banjade was found dead on the terrace.

The night of 15th May 2008 will continue to haunt us even today as the person behind her murder is still not found. The verdict first announced her parents. And now the verdict taken by the Allahabad High Court gives us a complete different story now. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been acquitted by the High court, and their appeal to question the CBI who took forward the case is now been allowed. This can be a kind of justice for them for all those years that they have lost in the jail, and their daughter who has left us and gone and her killer is still out there.

During the entire case we get to see that Aarushi character was pointed out, the relationship between her and Hemraj was got out, and her parents were got into the scene. All this was not at an end when the CBI actually came forward and took the case in their hand. Her parents were blamed for the murder of their own daughter and their servant Hemraj, and for hiding the proof that could help in finding the killer.

Today I am writing this blog as her Aarushi best friend, as her class mate, as her dance partner, and as a girl who had been living with her in a place called Noida for a period of 14 years.

Aarushi had been to my place the day before her death. Excited, jumping, bubbly, but she had a very bad cold. Both of us were working on a school project together. Aarushi was extremely excited about the weekend that was coming ahead, and especially about her birthday party. She was going to have a sleepover at my place. I spoke to her on the phone that particular evening before the fateful night. And everything seemed normal.

The next morning when I wake up, on 16th May, I come to Aarushi was no more.


I had just turned 14 then, a sheltered adolescent, and now, I am 21 year old girl, away at college, living by myself in a different city. From then to now, these have been some of my feelings, thoughts and opinions – having seen up close the role of the media, the police, the CBI and the law.

The Night That Was Recklessly Twisted

The night of the murder has been almost written, rewritten, twisted and confused so much that eventually you just believe one version for the sake of convenience. But how were the stories written without a shred of evidence and without questioning logic or legitimacy?

There was never any compulsion for me to believe in the culpability of the Talwars or in their innocence. They were not my relatives, not even family friends. Aarushi, though, was my best friend, my class mate, my dance class partner – I had known her from the age of five, she was the first friend I had made in school. But I believed in their innocence because I knew what I knew.

But I also know that murders are not solved by one’s belief – you need hard evidence, you need proof, but that didn’t seem to be the case here.

“Like Vultures At a Crime Scene”

I saw things unfold from Day 1, and I also saw the entire process of the case being handled with complete ineptitude, the media hawking like vultures, contorting facts and information from the very morning and sensationalizing the entire incident dangerously.

I was in the house that morning after the incident occurred, with hundreds of neighbours, family members, friends, police officers, journalists, milling about the house. No part of the house was cordoned off, everything was being touched by everyone. Aarushi’s room itself had not been cordoned off, the alcohol bottles from the night before were lying around. The blood was splattered on the wall of her bedroom.

From the next day itself, I saw news channels report the case with all kinds of theories and headlines about what had happened, before anything had been really investigated.

I remember staring at the screens, and hearing screaming headlines about the adulterous affair between Aarushi and Hemraj, the wife swapping theories, the loose morals of the parents, and wondering if I was having a bad dream. All this was absolutely untrue and ridiculous. It was so surreal and absurd. There was, of course, no proof or evidence to any of this, still none to this date. But no one cared, they flashed those headlines the next morning after my 14 year old classmate was murdered regardless.

I often wonder how the case would have turned out if it hadn’t gotten so much hype, so much coverage, and so many onlookers analyzing it with their own opinions, completely disregarding the facts. Would it have been handled better by the police then? Would the CBI have behaved differently? Would the judiciary have responded differently – without the strain of India’s rapt attention?

This entire blog post written by fiza Jha turns out to be an eye opener for all us, showing how we blindly begin to follow things that are told to us without checking if it is true or false. Its high time that we all turn out to be rational, come forward and question for things that are wrong, and not to believe all that is been told to us.

So whats your opinion about the Talwars. Do leave your comments in the comments section below.

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