Arpitha Khan Turns to Be The Most Important Name in Salman Khan’s Life – Read to Know Why

Arpitha Khan

Not too long India had once witnessed a grand wedding of the year. And it was none other than Salman Khan Sister Arpitha. While all of us do know that Arpitha was not born to their family, not many know how she landed up in this high profile family. And if you really wish to know how she was adopted by his family then read on.

Salim Khan during his regular walk in the morning noticed a beggar on the footpath, who was seeking alms with her younger daughter. Looking at the condition of this lady along with the state of this little girl, the kind hearted Salim started getting food for the duo.

The next morning when he was back on his regular walk, the writer and the lyricist saw that the old lady expired, and her little one had been crying. Salim did knew that he cannot leave this girl alone on the Bombay streets in order to fend for herself. So he held her up gently and brings her home. He then asked the little one her name, and with tears filled in her eyes the little one replied Arpitha. Salim then immediately introduced this girl to his family and they gladly welcomed her into their family. Soon after this the entire process of adoption was followed.

Salim not just nourished the little one but even educated her in order to make herself dependent in life. And recently the entire Khan family got her married to a guy named Aayush Sharma whom she had been dating since 2013. The two are blessed with a baby boy.

Salim Khan like what most of us do does not like wasting money or spend it on extravagant wedding. Still when it came to Arpitha Khan the family spent enough money for her wedding than all the other weddings that took place within their family. And incase you are still wondering why they choosed a place Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad for the wedding, then here is the reason – Salman came to know that Arpita likes the royal look of the place a lot, so he booked the entire palace hotel for 2 crores just for her wedding.

It is also believed that Arpitha is the major reason behind Salman and Shahrukh khan reconciliation. Ironically while a girlfriend was responsible for the misunderstanding between the two stars this adopted sister brought the two to together. What’s more important here is that arpitha was never forced to change her religion. She was married as per the hindu rituals.

To conclude we can say that accepting an outsider into your family, and accepting her whole heartedly is never been an easy job for any one of us. Especially if we have a family with grown up kids. But the Khan family did not just welcome Arpitha with open arms, but also shared all the luxuries with her to enjoy giving her a family whom she could call of her own.

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