Asked to Pay 13000 Aditya Narayan threatens Officials of Indigo Airlines Creating Ruckus

Aditya Narayan

Singer Aditya Narayan and son of a well-known, famous Bollywood singer Udit Narayan was caught on camera this Tuesday evening, for misbehaving and threatening the Indigo Airline carrier staff at Swami Vivekananda Airport. The entire video went to be viral showing the singer having an altercation with the Indigo Staff, threatening him to strip him naked once he is back to Mumbai.

Though the airline officials refused to make a comment, the other officials around here said the entire trouble seemed to be triggered over singer’s luggage. While we had the airline staff to trying to look into the reason with what actually happened, Aditya to this said Look at this individual, and see how he is behaving. They are going to offload me.

According to the sources the entire incident turned out to happen when one of the officials at the airport stopped Aditya for exceeding a baggage limit of 17kgs. The argument then turned to be getting heated up when the singer hurdled abuses at the airport officials saying, I will see you in Bombay, Kabhi naa kabhi toh pahuchoge naa Bombay fir dekh lenge… fir dekh lenge…”

The officials of the Indigo Airlines later also got to hear a threatening that if I don’t make you naked then even my name is not Aditya Narayan. The singer was believed to be in Raipur in order to attend the Dusshera celebrations on a Saturday night. The airlines authority kept it a stand against the singer and was allowed to board the flight only when he apologized to the staff member.

Aditya Narayan has nothing to say to the entire incident. Whereas one of the member of Aditya team said that these airline authorities have become dada after that entire minister episode and threaten to blacklist any one they wish too.

Have a look at the video right here:

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