Bandagi agrees to removes her clothes for Puneesh Sharma in the Bigg Boss House


Apart from all the fights and tasks that are given in the Bigg Boss House, Bigg Boss Season 11 is also popular for some love stories that are famous not just inside but even outside the house. Season 11 love birds Bandagi and Puneesh have finally made it to come close to each other in a very literal sense.

The relationship between the two Contestants seems to be going really very strong in the house. They seem to be so much in love with each other that they are not aware of what’s happening around them, or don’t wish to know them. Their love has today turned to witness some of their intimate moments on the show, that is not just watched by their parents but even by the others around the world. 

The two are now being called as one of the cheapest Contestants of the Bigg Boss show for getting intimate on a National TV. In fact many have even come forward and criticised the channel for telecasting the entire thing that happened in the house.



Host Salman Khan then during the Weekend Ka Vaar warned the two as well as the other contestants in the house saying, “Your parents are also watching this show so you have to be very careful of what you want to show on TV. Be very careful what are you displaying on national television.” To which Puneesh then replied we will take care about it.

And now the intimate scenes of the two contestants that is titled as” Its only you and me”, has turned out to appear on a website called Voot on the 13th of November showing the two couple talking some dirty stuff.

In the video clip that is going viral throughout the internet and is creating a buzz, Puneesh and Bandagi are seen sitting together on a sofa asking her to unbutton her shots and tells that he will then take off his t-shirt. And as soon as Bandagi turns out to be conscious, Puneesh then asks her to stop wasting the time and do it really fast. This is when she actually turns out to be angry and calls Puneesh selfish. Later Bandagi tells him that even after spending so much of time with him on the sofa everything has turned out to become a waste of time for him. 

You can have a look at the video right here:

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It’s not the very first time that we have seen couples getting closer or intimate in the Bigg boss house. But Puneesh and Bandagi are two among those couples who have actually crossed all their limits, without even realizing what the consequences to this can turn out to be. And in case they are doing this just to win the game then this is really very pathetic and shameful on their part.

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