Barbara Mori Hrithik Roshan’s Ex-Girlfriend Finds Her Love in a Handsome Businessman

2017 for sure has turned out to be one of the most unlucky year for our tinsel town celebrities. While a few of them have successfully entered the doubles club, followed by a few who have entered into the parents club, and some who have just found their love. One of the latest celebrities who come under this category is none other than Barbara Mori.

Although Barbara has just done one Bollywood movie she has successfully bagged huge number of fans, courtesy her sizzling chemistry with the hot and handsome young man Hrithik Roshan. Things don’t end here. The on screen chemistry continued to fly their sparks of having an affair in the real life. Yes it was reported very much earlier that the two actors have been dating and having hots for each other. This has been a major reason that had derailed Hrithik Roshan married life.

Well there is no fact that denies Hrithik Roshans love life and affairs have continued to be under scrutiny for a longer period of time, and now his personal life is too out of the track. But it seems that his ex-girlfriend Barbara Mori has found her love in a handsome, smart and young businessman.

Yes Barbara Mori is apparently been dating a young businessman Oscar Aguirre. More over as per the reports of the spot boy the two have been in a living relationship from a longer period of time. The actress has been open about her relationship with Oscar Aguirre sharing lovely pictures of the time spent with each other on the social media. She has a few pics been posted where she has captioned her man in Spanish and have somehow managed to get it translated for you all. Here is one of her pic that we managed to stumble upon. Have a look.

Hrithik Roshan

The caption of the pic had something like this written on it:

It’s so nice to have you around.

To know that you are

To be able to hold hands when we do not know where to walk.

But, how cute is it?

I love your laugh

Thank you Oscar for your love and for this beautiful friendship.

I love so much.”

Oscar is also deeply in love with Barbara Mori and hopes that the relationship continues to be the same as it is now. Love is in the air and is been felt there! Barbara and Oscar, you two together are the best couples till and you guys make a lovely pair. Team Upcoming cinemas Wishes you all the very best for your future.




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