Being Asked to Stand For Three Periods Class V Student Commits Suicide

v student commits suicide

Credit: Eenadu

A class five student of Uttar Pradesh commits suicide, leaving behind a note to his teacher asking him not to punish the students so severely. In the note that he had written shows that he had been harassed by his class teacher. These were the words that were being uttered by the student before he committed suicide, “Papa today is my first exam and the teacher made me cry till 9.15 am. I kept on standing for continuous three periods without any mistake of mine. She listens only to the ones she likes. So I decided to end my life today. My last wish is please ask mam not to punish any other child in the school so severely. Good bye mummy, papa and didi. I am really very sorry.

A 12 years old student Navneet Prakash of Saint Anthony Convent School Gorakhpur, was very upset since the time he returned back from school. He was being allegedly harassed and denied from attending exams at school. He quietly went upstairs and came down after a while asking for food. His mother then gave him the food which he had a bit and then carried a glass of water along with him. He did not in any manner seem to be normal after the day he was been punished at school and landed up being in depression. The school authorities no matter what are responsible enough for my son’s death today says father Ravi Prakash who is als a teacher in the Bapu Intercollege.

His father also said that when Navneet did not come down for a longer period of time, they then rushed immediately towards his room, and found him lying on the bed with foam coming out from his mouth. Sensing out the trouble his family immediately rushed him to the hospital nearby his home, from where he was immediately rushed to Baba Raghav Das Medical College where the doctors had declared him to be dead.  A suicide note was claimed from his school bag in which Navneet had claimed that he had decided to end his life due to the harsh treatment given by his class teacher. When known about the incident the family then immediately rushed towards the school creating ruckus.

Navneet Mother to this said that my child was very brilliant and wished to become the chief minister of the state. Though we belonged to the Dalits category he was a very brilliant child. He dreamt of becoming the chief minister of our state and his role model was Yogi Adityanath. He also visited the Gorakhnath Dam on regular basis and wished to do some better things by becoming the CM of the state.

After the entire incident Navneet Parents have pelted stones at the school. Police has now been deployed on the school premises as the school administration staff has been missing. Meanwhile an FIR for the incident has been registered at the Shahpur Police Station under section 306 (abetment to suicide) of the Indian Penal Code.

The Principal of the school Sister Ish Priya said that, the boy nor his parents had come forward and complained about the teacher’s behaviour towards him. She also said that the entire school after knowing the incident has stood with Navneet’s family in their hour of grief.

The police has arrested his class teacher Bhavana and the entire matter is being investigated, Vinay Kumar Singh – Superintendent of Police said. The parents found a suicide note with a glass being rapped in polythene due to which foul smell was coming through the bag. Probably the kid has consumed some kind of a poison as the foam was coming out from his mouth when his family members had rushed him to the hospital.

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