Benafsha Soonawalla Punished Strictly By Bigg Boss For Pulling Aakash Hair

Since the time Bigg Boss Season 11 is started, it has always witnessed major fights with contests out there. This controversial reality show has always been witnessing something or the other. In the last night episode we have seen Benafsha Soonawalla who is believed to be one of the most boring Contestant of Bigg Boss Season 11, getting into an argument with Aakash Dadlani and even managed to pull his hair.

Bigg Boss to this has strictly Punished Benafsha. The entire argument between the two was due to Aakash cheap remarks on her private body parts, which then turned out to be so nasty that all the contestants in the house got into the fight. The bigg Boss house then turned into a huge battle ground and each and every limit by the contestant was crossed.

Soon later Aakash and Benafsha fight went to such an extent that she got angry and pulled his hair. Mehjabi who is another Contestant of the house when tried to stop the fight witnessed this and requested benafsha not to get physical.

Aakash then went to each and every Contestant and complained that she pulled his hair. And this former Contestant of roadies benafsha had to pay a huge price for all that she did. She is been nominated for never week and has also been sent into the jail. This is not just the end here, Bigg Boss even shouted at her for being violent in thr house, warning each and every Contestant in the house for not repeating the mistake in future.

The punishment that is given to here  in the Bigg Boss house, is a lesson given to each and every contestant out there. They should not be breaking the rules if they really wish to play safe and win the game.

What’s going to be interesting this weekend is to see host Salman Khan reaction towards the two,  and the others in the Bigg Boss house in the weekend ka vaar episode. So what are your thoughts about the entire incident that happened in the Bigg Boss House. Do leave your views and thoughts in the comments section given below.

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