Big Boss Season 11 Contestants to reportedly Get Married on National Television


Yes you have read it right. Popular television reality show 11 has been in headlines on regular basis for all its tiffs and tussles. The reality show is now all set to take a major turn, as the two Contestants of the Bigg Boss House is reportedly set to get married on a national television.

Bigg Boss contestants get married

Well like all the others I am sure that even you might be thinking, that we are talking about Puneesh and Bandagi but no. Instead it’s his enemy friend Vikas and Shilpa Shinde who are getting married on the National Television.

According to the reports the South Indian actress Gehana Vasisth had claimed that, Vikas and Shilpa who have recently reconciled their differences and will soon be getting married in the Bigg Boss House.

According to the reports published by the IB Times, Gehana also told the Asia TV that she has become one of the most reliable source for Color TV. They also said that the two will be falling in love with each other and will soon be tying a knot inside the house this December.

Of late we have seen Shilpa and Vikas getting close to each other in the Bigg Boss House. The two have forgotten all the fights that have happened between them in the house, and have been seen emotionally getting attached to each other. Recently we have also seen Vikas sacrificing his favourite jacket for her during elimination.

He has also requested Shilpa to work with him after the show, and the lady responded as I love you which was followed by a flying kiss. Gehana had also claimed that Shilpa and Vikas have been into a sexual relationship before. But things turned out to be sour between the two, after Vikas ditched her during her fight with the makers of Bhabiji Ghar Pe Hai.

Shilpa and Vikas were those Contestants of the Bigg Boss House who always end up fighting. In fact Shilpa had even tortured him so much that he had even tried running away from the house.

However it is seen that things are getting better between the two now, and it’s really going to be interesting to see the two getting married in the Bigg Boss House.  So what are your thoughts about the two getting married? Do leave your opinions in the comments section given below.

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