Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani Was Thrown Out Of College For Being Drunk, Reveals A Senior

Akash Dadlani

Bigg Boss 11 is doing wonders for the makers of the show as well as for the channel because almost every contestant of this season is controversial and it’s eventually helping in increasing the TRP. We have already seen a lot of controversies taking birth in the house and there seems to be no end with such participants who are ready to do anything to remain in the house.

Akash Dadlani made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he talked about his relations with Bollywood celebrity Vishal Dadlani and then Vishal took to social media to clarify that Akash was lying. Once again, Akash is in limelight as an incident from his past has been revealed.

Even though this disclosure is surprising, people who know the rapper well would find it simply hilarious. As per Akash, he belongs to an affluent NRI family in the United States and is fond of every Indian thing. Inside the Bigg Boss house, he is often seen doing Yo-Yo and after the latest revelation of his past, it appears that he was just like this in his college days as well.

Akash Dadlani

Here’s what Bollywood Life was told by a source:

“Akash studied for a few months in a notable South Mumbai college located near Churchgate Station. He was part of a student exchange programme and had come for a few months. The college is closely associated with the Sindhi community. However, he was told to go back to the US after he turned up inebriated at an inter-college event. The authorities were furious and he was told to leave. Even in college, he was the Yo-Yo type and used to tell everyone how much he loved India. He had a fascination for everything desi.”

The person who narrated this incident was few years senior in that college.

That’s interesting to know, isn’t it?

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