Bigg Boss 11: Akash Kissed Shilpa Without Her Permission & When She Got Angry, He Twisted Her Arm

The house of Bigg Boss is quite a weird place to live in, thanks to strange characters, such as Akash Dadlani.

This person doesn’t even know what is meant by giving space to someone and the shameful act that he committed with Shilpa Shinde will definitely give him the title of cheapest contestant of Bigg Boss 11.


Earlier also, he has shown his cheapness when he asked Arshi to rub lotion on his body or walk in the house just in a towel but this time, he has crossed all the limits.

In a video which has been shared by Shilpa Shinde FC on Twitter, Akash Dadlani can be seen kissing Shilpa near her lips without her consent and when she scolded him and threatens to slap, he went on to hold and twist her hand.


Akash then asks her to do what she wants while Shilpa tries to get away from the pervert.

This has angered the fans of Shilpa to a great extent as it’s not the way a woman should be treated. The shameful act of Akash is really disgusting and it only shows the low mentality of the person. Fans of Shilpa are requesting Salman Khan to notice it and take strict action against Akash.

Here Is The Video:

This is not for the first time that Akash has made someone uncomfortable with his weird behaviour. If you remember, Lucinda Nicholas also talked about feeling strange when he was around.

In the beginning of the show, when no one was with Akash, it was Shilpa who befriended him but since she has become friends with Vikas Gupta, Akash and Arshi are totally against her. Akash accused Shilpa of faking her enmity with Vikas just to gain TRPs. However, now again Akash wanted to become friends with Shilpa but we don’t think that after committing such a disgusting act, he stands any chance of becoming her friend.

Angry reactions outpoured on Twitter after this disgraceful act of Akash and here are few selected tweets:

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