Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Touched Akash’s Private Parts. This Is How Akash Reacted

Arshi Khan is one of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 11 and she often makes headlines for some or the other reasons. People thought that she flirted with Hiten for making the episode entertaining for audiences but recently she was seen getting naughty with Akash.


Just a day back, Arshi was trying to have fun by playing with Akash’s shorts when all other contestants were busy talking to each other and now one more video has surfaced which shows that Arshi is trying to lay hands on Akash’s a**.

Of course, she is just trying have fun and she doesn’t seem to be doing it seriously but Akash was feeling very uncomfortable. While all other contestants were having a great time watching the antics of Arshi, Akash complained to Bigg Boss about the way he was being harassed in the house. He spoke about it on the camera near the confession room. Akash also said that it is against the contract to touch private parts of other contestants but it made Arshi laugh more. In fact later on, Vikas also started teasing Akash by telling Arshi not to go against the contract.


Click here to watch the video of the incident

We all know that Akash and Arshi share a bond which is really a complex one as sometimes they can be seen as best buddies while sometimes they are seen fighting with each other.


However, who won’t like to see such funny incidents taking place in the house of Bigg Boss as we have already seen many fights between the contestants. Such comic incidents are a welcome relief not just for the audiences but also for the contestants themselves as it can ease the tension in the house.

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