Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi Had To Trim His Hair After Luxury Budget Task & His Pics Will Leave You Stunned

Insults, accusations and fights are not new in the house of Bigg Boss but this time, the contestants are not even shying away from putting chilli powder in other person’s eyes.

Remember Hina Khan putting chilli powder in the eyes of Bandgi Kalra in the name of completing a task? Now one more contestant has become the victim.

Many tasks are given to the contestants in the house but this time, the luxury budget task has made inmates cross the limits and they are ready to do things which are not even expected from them.


What Hina Khan did with Bandgi was a part of luxury budget task and now Luv Tyagi has also become its target. The opposition team members planned to trim hair of Luv and that too, just a portion but as Luv put up a fight, a major portion of his hair got chopped off.

Luv got upset after this incident and revealed in front of his team members that one thing that he feared the most was losing his hair. As the cut was looking weird, Luv had to chop off the hair which was left in order to make him look decent.


Luv now keeps his head covered all the time as he may not like the viewers to see him in such a look. However, last time when his goatee was shaved off, the viewers felt that he looked much better without it.

Here is his new look:

The reactions are yet to come on this new look of Luv but we feel that till he is inside the house, he should worry more about keeping his mind cool rather than thinking about his hair style.

There is no denying the fact that loosing hair can make a person upset but this new look suits Luv. What do you say?

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