Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Touched Bandgi Without Her Permission & She Scolded Her Badly [video]

Puneesh Bandgi

It seems that problems are cropping up between the romantic couple of Bigg Boss, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma.

An unseen video which has been posted on VOOT shows that Bandgi scolded Puneesh when he touched her without her consent.


However, we have seen both of them enjoying private moments after the lights are switched off or under the blankets. In fact, they went on to lock themselves inside the bathroom and didn’t stop even after host Salman Khan warned them. Salman said that they are on the national television and the show is watched by their parents and relatives too. Sometimes they both are also seen talking about the future of their relationship.


However, now Bandgi is scolding Puneesh for touching her. She asks Puneesh why he didn’t ask her last night. In reply, Puneesh says that he doesn’t need her permission as he feels that it is for granted. Bandgi tries to make Puneesh understand that they both are being watched on the national television so they need to be careful.


In recent times, an unseen video was doing rounds on web, showcasing Bandgi asking Puneesh for separation. However, she later on said that it was just a joke and she was not at all serious.

Her boyfriend Dennis Nagpal has broken up with Bandgi on account of her mean strategy of faking affair with Puneesh just to be in the show. He interacted with a portal and stated that she is insecure in terms of her relation with Puneesh and since she has the fear of being eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week, she is attempting for cleaning her image.


In his words,

“Seeing the video where Bandgi is asking him to break up clearly shows she is insecure about getting eliminated. And wants to finish her relationship with Puneesh and come out of the show clean. Also somewhere back of her mind she knows that their relationship has not been accepted by audience.”

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