Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestant Priyank Sharma to Be Arrested From the House

Priyank Sharma

Priyank Sharma who is having his second innings in the Bigg boss house, is turning out to be quite eventful when compared to the other contestants. We do know that he was thrown out of the house right after the first week after he attacked the other contestant Akash Dadlani in the house. There had also been a lot of debate on social media, where people from across the world came out and said that he deserves a second chance. And it’s because of this reason he made a comeback to the show.

And now when he has made a comeback on the show, he has not left a single chance of getting into a controversies. He has now come forward and exposed the past of the Bigg Boss Contestant Arshi Khan in front of the other house mates. According to some of the reports it is believed that Arshi Khan was involved in some kind of a scandal a few years ago in Pune and Goa. And it was these personal things that Priyank Sharma got into the house when Arshi and Sapna were involved in some kind of an argument.

Arshi Khan Publicist Flynn Remedios, then immediately filed a complaint against Priyank and Sapna considering that it is a legal matter that they have got up on a national television like this. And now as per the latest reports Priyank can be arrested by the cops any time even though he is inside the house.

While on a talk with one of the news channel, Flynn also said that the police has to obtain a warrant in order to enter the Bigg Boss house. And all the necessary work related to the arrest of Priyank Sharma has been completed. However Flynn did not disclose us with any more information related to it. The police officials who have been working on the case have told Flynn not to speak to the media houses, to which she said sorry she cannot share any more details regarding it.

So will Priyank Be arrested from the house. Only time can say that. Let’s wait and watch what happens in the Bigg Boss House.

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