Bigg Boss: The Secret Is Out. This Man’s Voice Is Behind The Mysterious Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss voice

There is no denying the fact that Bigg Boss is one of the most watched shows of Indian television and it has a huge audience base. The die-hard fans of the show regularly follow it and keep a track on the developments as to who will be the contestants or what theme will be introduced this time, etc,

However, have you ever thought who is this real Bigg Boss, whose voice we get to listen but we never saw his face. He is the one who tells everyone what they have to do and what they can’t do, he is like the invisible boss who is obeyed by everyone and if anybody disobeys him, he/she gets punished.

Let us tell you who the man behind this voice is, he is Atul Kapoor (48). He is an actor and a voice over artist and he is proficient in both English and Hindi languages. Atul has been working as a voice over artist since 2002.

He is the person whom you listen saying Bigg Boss chahte hai:


There is one more person who needs to be introduced to you and he is Vijay Vikram Singh. When a task is given to the contestants, the person who explains it in detail to the audiences or whenever any contestant speaks in English, it is translated by Vijay for the audiences.

Vijay got associated with Bigg Boss in the fourth season after leaving his job. He is an MBA from Faculty Management Studies BHU (Benares Hindu University). He was surprised to see the humbleness of Salman Khan by the way he welcomed him when he joined the show.

Here is the photo of Vijay Vikram Singh:


Vijay with the contestant Gauahar Khan:


So from next time whenever you get to listen these voices, you can say that I know this guy who is not seen by anyone.

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