Bollywood star who started living in together to take their relation to the next level

yami gautam

There are a lot of couples in the industry who met each other at various circumstances like at the sets of movies, function or through mutual friends. They just fell in love with each other and from then they tend to always take their relation to the next level. Let us have a look at some famous bollywood duos who were and are currently living in together to get a more clear picture of one another. It sure is a long list and the couples who pop up under the list will also surprise you.

Pulkit samrat and yami gautam

Pulkit samrat and yami gautam made their appearance together on the big screen in the movie sanam re and they also did a great job as their on screen chemistry was just perfect for the storyline. Since the movie was out in the theatre , there have been news of these two stars seeing each other a lot. Recently pulkit samrat got his divorce cleared and sources have confirmed that these two stars have moved in together to their own house which they purchased recently.

John abraham and bipasha basu

John abraham and bipasha basu was a couple in the the bollywood family who used to date for a long time. These two seemed very serious about their relation from the stars and used to live together in their own flat in mumbai. But unfortunately the turn of events in their life ended with them breaking up. Recently bipasha basu got married to karan singh grover , while john is still single with all his focus on his projects.

Sushant singh rajput and ankita lokhande

Sushant singh who made his debut on the big screen a while ago and is been doing a great job with his characters in his new movies . the actor is said to be dating ankita lokhande  for a while and there were confirmation of these two living together. Sources close to the couple has come out with a great news about them moving to the final step of their relation as they are planning to get married soon.

Sridevi and boney kapoor

These two couple are a true inspiration to all the new generation duos in the tinsel town. They fell in love , decided to move in together to understand one another better and once they were through all the twists and turn in their life they decided to take the big step of marriage. Sridevi and boney

kapoor is happily married and they also have beautiful kids , which just makes their family a perfect example for all.

Siddharth and shruti haasan

Shruti haasan , daughter of kamal haasan who is the face of the indian cinema was dating the rang de basanti star siddarth for a long period of one and half year. After the approval from kamal haasan the couple had  actually moved in together to siddharth s flat in chennai. After they lived together for a duration of 5 months , things between the two love birds began to break down and the couple broke up . the sources close to either star refuse to give away any details regarding their relation , but one thing is certain that they no longer are even friends

Saif ali khan and rosa catalano

Saif ali khan who is one of the most established actor in  the industry , who is now happily married to kareena kapoor and expecting an addition to the family used to date rosa catalano for a while.the swiss model rosa catalano and saif ali khan met at kenya , eventually the duo had to fall in love . there are sources which say that saif ali khan divorced amrita for rosa , but our actor couldn’t hold top this relation as well because he was reluctant to disclose the news of his ex wife and children to the swiss model at the beginning. Once she found out for herself about saif’s past she ended the relation with him , when the duo was living in together in india and she also called a press conference to tell the world about the whereabouts of their relation.

Saif ali khan and kareena kapoor

Saif ali khan who is known among all for his instability in maintaining relations , is finally believed to actually have settled down with his dream love. The duo fell in love during their project together after saif broke up with his swiss girlfriend rosa. These two moved in together to their flat in mumbai after which they tied their note and now they are expecting to become parents soon which is a great news for all.

Rajesh khanna and tina munim

These two are one pair in the indian cinema whom most of us would remember from the golden ages of indian cinema . they shared a perfect chemistry both onscreen and off screen in their era. They also moved in together before getting married by standing up against all odds, but the relation did not send as they had planned and both had to move on with their own life.

Rajesh khanna and anita advani

The pair of these two had made the headlines a lot of times during the period they had dated. Rajesh khanna and anita advani had moved into together to start their live in relation when rajesh khanna was still married to dimple kapadia which triggered off a lot of controversies all around them while they dated.

Lara dutta and kelly dorge

The evergreen beauty lara dutta used to date kelly dorge who had made a few appearances on the big screen as well . the duo kept their relation as a low profile and did not intend to seek a lot of attention to their personal life. These two moved in together and continued their live in relation for a while but like many other ;love story, it didn’t work out eventually.

kunal khemu and soha ali khan

Kunal khemu and soha ali khan are one cute couple who have  dated for a long time after which they moved in together to their flat. The couple even tied knot in jan 2015, recently there have been reports of their divorce as there was a conflict between the lovebirds about having a child. The actor have come forward on social media to buzz off the news that surrounds them with a great response.

Konkona sen sharma and ranvir shorey

The actress who was initially dating her co actor ranveer shenoy on the big screen , got married to him after they were in a live in relation for a while. These two had a beautiful married life until the beginning of this year since when there has been a turn of events. The couple has been trying hard to give their marriage a second chance by visiting counselor and family member to set things right. But nothing seems to work and they are moving towards a divorce.

Anurag kashyap and kalki koechlin

Anurag kashyap and kalki koechlin love story is one which saw a quick transformation in all its phases. When it comes to these two they were quick to strengthen their bond, started to live together at an early stage . they even tied knots to surprise all but unfortunately they were more quick to put an end to their relation with a divorce . all the sources close to them are yet uncertain about the reason and still recovering from the shock that these two gave.

Aamir khan and kiran rao

Aamir khan surely knows how to respect relations and he has managed to value them high at all stake. After hid divorce with his first wife , he met kiran rao at the set of lagaan and they were in a live in relation for more than a year till they actually tied the knot. Aamir khan is now happily married to his wife kiran rao and he seems to be doing a great job , not only as an actor but also in his real life where he treats his women and children with love and respect .

aditya pancholi and kangana ranaut

Kangana ranaut, the fashion statement of bollywood who has always astonished us all with her bold and distinct character has managed to do the same with her real life incident. She used to date aditya pancholi who was married for a while and they had also started t live in together , the wonder news about this is that he was still married while dating kangana ranaut.

 Abhay deol and preeti desai

Abhay deol and preeti desai who started seeing each other a long while ago when both of them were trying to build on their career as an actor on the big screen.these two quickly took a leap and started living in together to get a clear view of things . this relation was surely a special one and they got married a while ago and are happily married together.


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