Boxer Vijender Asked Rahul Gandhi, ‘When Will You Get Married?’ Rahul’s Reply Will Make You Smile

Boxer Vijender

A lot is being said about Rahul Gandhi and when he is going to become the President of Congress party. However, there is one more aspect of his life about which many people are concerned. When is he going to get married?

VP of Congress Rahul Gandhi has answered this question in the 112th annual session of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry when International Professional boxer Vijender Singh asked this question.

Vijender Singh, an Olympics bronze medallist, was on the panel before Rahul Gandhi. He said that he has never seen any MP or MLA playing sport and they are only seen cutting ribbons. In response, Rahul said that he is not one of those as he indulges in some sport activity for an hour daily. He also told that he is a black belter in Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art, he said,

“I do exercise — running, swimming. I am a black belt in Aikido. I keep doing (sports) but I do not talk about it publicly. But in my life, sport has been, is, and will be, very necessary. Normally, I do sports for one hour every day. This is true I have not done it in the last 3-4 months. Before that, for my whole life, I have devoted at least an hour daily to sports.”

Vijender also asked him as to what he would do for development of sports if he becomes Prime Minister.

Vijender said that at his home, it was being discussed as to when “Rahul Bhaiya” would get married. He added that it is also perceived that getting married after becoming the PM will have a different appeal.

Rahul Gandhi tried to pass that question terming it as “it was an old question” but when Vijender didn’t budge, he said,

“I believe in destiny — Jab hogi, hogi (when it happens, it happens).”

Vijender asked Rahul Gandhi to upload videos of his sporting activities which can inspire people and Rahul said,

“We will put, we will put.”

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