British Women Gets Scammed By Indian Guy and Instead Gets Ruthlessly Trolled


It’s very normal for all of us when we receive messages from online trolls and scammers. And while most of us generally land up ignoring them this British women decided to see and know what it is actually all about. Blame it to be curiosity or plain boredom this lady began to speak to an unknown guy who had messaged her on Facebook just to know if it is a scam or not.

As the conversation continued between the two, he continued responding to her messages with a hope that she might give him money. However what ensued here was a hilarious conversation that will leave you all in splits. This is how the conversation actually went on:

This British women called this guy as Anal (Anil).

The women continued to troll really very hard.

Chance pe dance. This guy doesn’t believe in wasting time at all.

The guy definitely turns out to have an interesting proposition.

We cannot deny that this British lady for sure has an amazing sense of humour and a vivid imagination. 

Damn, he actually promised of returning the money back to her.

This guy for sure has an interesting proposition.


After reading the entire conversation even I’m confused. What the hell is bobs? 

But of course, she couldn’t find any bobs.

Celine Dion for the vajayjay! 

She rechristened him as well. And might we add, quite aptly.

Look at this utterly rib-tickling ‘hot’ message he managed to type. 


The guy is actually willing to do ‘everything’ she says.

The promise of eternity can actually make any of us to do crazy things for sure. 


Cold is passé, this is revenge served blistering hot! 


She made him put that entire thing as a status on Facebook and liked it as well.

Well, you can’t blame his intellect. After all, the man is in love.


Someone seems to be very impatient. 

We got to say, she managed to troll him quite smartly.  

So much creativity!

Finally, she got tired and called him out. 


But he still didn’t give up! 

We hope that this guy has learnt a good lesson.

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