Your Most Burning Question about Why iPhone 8 is sold at 64000, and just costs 16000 to make?

iPhone 8

Apple company have just launched three major smartphones and they are iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and the last but not the least iPhone 8. Though these smart phones are even today considered to be the most expensive devices in the global market, when it comes to India where these phones are already launched generally cost double than the US Counter parts. However the manufacturing process of these smart phones is a lot much less than the MRP of these devices.

According to a report of the IHS Markit, the cost that it actually takes to make a smart phone like this is $247.51, followed by $288.08 for iPhone 8 plus. The IHS is generally considered to be a market research firm that does a deep research on such kind of smart phones once they are actually released. This research that is done by them reveals several details about them that cannot be told to the public.

If we have the manufacturing charges of these smart phones converted in the Indian currency, then the cost will be around 16,000 for iPhone 8, and 18,900 for iPhone 8 plus. The IHS organization has also reported about these things on their website.  However we need to remember that their website is not an official source of the apple website, nor have they responded back to them. But having a proper research done on all these smart phones today have turned to become the most important thing for all the individuals today, especially when it comes for the premium ones. Yet The CEO of the company Steve Jobs had said that such kind of reports are never an accurate ones.

So on the contrary iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 plus costs around $30 to $50 dollars when compared to the old ones, which is a huge jump as the manufacturing of these mobile phones generally do not cost much. When compared these phones with Samsung Galaxy S8 the total cost that comes is $307 as per the reports of the IHS. So having the apple company to break their cost barriers in the current year does actually makes sense, as it’s not just investing in the hardware but even the software. But still there does lies a question of why are we landing up paying so much.

In another analysis done by the IHS does not involve any kind of money and labour for all the research and development process. It’s just that the entire process requires a whole lot of resources including dollars that is being spent on the individuals working there. And apple too has to earn some profit at least no matter what. And this is where the answer for your question comes. In short why the company keeps a huge margin when it targets all its clients and customers.

In India the sale for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus will begin from the 29th September. Though the pre-bookings for these devices have already started on the ecommerce websites. The price of these cell phones would begin from 64,000 and end up nearby to 84,000. Meanwhile there is no information yet available for iPhone X, but we know that it would definitely cost double than the above mentioned prices.

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