This Man Jumps off From His Balcony Wearing a Parachute That He Got Online

Man Jumps off From His Balcony

Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes and off late people have actually began to depict this a little late on internet too. This time a man jumps off from his balcony wearing the parachute that he actually brought online. A women and his kid can been seen and heard crying begging him not do so.

The footage here shows a man in pink t-shirt, shorts and flip flops standing on the ledge of balcony in an upper floor of high rise apartment. This entire footage comes from Brazil. Two other men who were actually standing next to him are standing to see how thrilling the entire stunt can turn out to be and feels that the guy has pretty guts to do something like this. However his stunt did not make him feel bad for the women and the kid who was asking him not to do so. He tried the entire stunt just to test the parachute that he got online bringing out his idiocy. The entire video has gone viral on YouTube.

The other two men who was standing next to him are busy with their phones, in order to capture the entire incident on their phones, and are advising the man not to do something so foolhardy. They continue to remain obvious to the women and the kid who were crying, and continue to seem unperturbed to the most dangerous action that they are going to perform. The video footage actually captures the man falling from the balcony, pledging down towards the trees far below as he releases his parachute. Fortunately he was able to gild away towards the left and have a safe landing below as his friends on balcony cheer his daring and luck.

The video then continues to show the crying women and kid entering the flat. However the identity of the man who jumped off from the balcony of his apartment is not known. This video has gone viral and has turned out to get more than 1,309,976 views. However the comments for the video are not forthcoming as people are bashing the man left and right for all the stupidity shown in trying out the stunt. Some even suggested that the women should leave the man and be with someone who is not so irresponsible, selfish and not stupid at least.

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