Change in the Time Slot Of Bigg Boss Season 11- The Show Will Not Come at 10.30 PM Anymore

Season 11

The eleventh season of the reality show Bigg Boss is believed to be the best season in the entire history of Bigg Boss. And this time it’s not just the commoners but even the celebrities who are not just playing together but also continue to fight, bringing up controversies that were not seen earlier.

Now it is being heard that the time slot of the reality show Bigg Boss season 11 is changed due to the vulgarity and ongoing romance of Punnesh and Bandagi. Currently the show comes at 10.30 pm but from now onwards will be shown at 11pm due to the two love birds who have crossed all the limits in the house.

The romance of the two love birds Punnesh and Bandagi seems to have crossed all their limits on the National TV. Puneesh to this even said that he has asked Bandagi to strip on the national television. The two have also been seen locked down in the bathroom, and their romance under the blanket has now turned to become the most common thing for all the viewers.


Being the host of the show Salman Khan has been saying that Bigg Boss Show is a family show that is being watched by each and every one of them on a national television, but they avoided listening to him and continued doing things of their own. Families cannot tolerate all such things that are being shown on a national television. This is why there has been a discussion on changing the show timings.

Besides the romance between Punnesh and Bandagi, the other reason of changing the time of the show is the abusive and vulgar language used by the contestants for each other in the house. Reportedly due to this the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has sent a legal notice to the production house in order to change the timings of the show.

This is to notice even much earlier when we had seen couples like these in the Bigg Boss House, but Puneesh and Bandagi have led to a great surprise. So what do you have to say about this entire issue? Do share your views in the comments section given below. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Bigg Boss Season 11 latest news and gossips.

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