Claim your Boyfriend/Girlfriend As a Dependent on Income Tax. 


Have you been living with your boyfriend/girlfriend? And have you ever wondered if you can claim him/her on all your tax return as a dependent. Yes like many other things in life even this depends. Even if this is something that seems to be awkward thing to wonder about, each and every dependent will let you claim a dependent exemption around $4,050 per dependent for the year 2016 -17.

You can now claim your Boyfriend or Girlfriend as a dependent on your federal income taxes only if that person or individual is able to meet up with an IRS definition of being a qualified relative. You can also claim your Boyfriend or a Girlfriend as a dependent on federal taxes, if that person is meeting up with the Internal Revenue Service’s Definition of a qualified relative.

Make sure that you do not get confused here with the word relative. Because according to the IRS the word relative can also include an unrelated person who passes four of the following tests when it comes to residency, income, support and status.  For tax purposes a relative here can also include a wide variety of persons who is related to you by birth, marriage and the last but not the least the legal decree. The person whom you are trying to claim as dependent here:

  • Should not be a qualified child.
  • Did not make more than $3,700 in 2011.
  • Is been dependent on you for more than half of his or her support during the entire year.
  • Must have lived with you as a member of your household for the full tax year.

As long as the non-relative meets the above mentioned criteria, he or she can still turn out to be a qualifying relative and claimed as a dependent for all your tax returns. Your actual relatives also need to make sure that they meet the 1, 2, 3 tests. And not necessarily have to live under the same roof.

In addition to qualify the above mentioned tests, the individuals also need to make sure that, the person is a citizen of united states, he or she is U.S resident alien, U.S national, or a resident of Canada or Mexico for a year. The person cannot be claimed if he or she is a dependent by another tax payer.

So if your boyfriend or a girlfriend is at your place for a full calendar year, did not make much money and is still relied on you for more than one and a half year then during this time you can claim your taxes from that specific person or individual.

You can find more examples and details about it on IRS Publication 501.You can also use the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant to determine whom you claim as dependent.

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