Crossing all his limits Aakash Dadlani asks Shilpa to apply Body Lotion on His Private Parts

Aakash Dadlani

Popular reality show Bigg Boss Season 11 is always filled with controversies that are rising one after the other. The contestants in the Bigg Boss House have crossed all their limits creating a huge ruckus within the house. From the beginning of the show till date, contestant have not left a single opportunity to poke each other.

The fights, arguments and drama continued to increase as the show moved forward, while the equations between the contestants continued to change throughout their journey. People who were friends in the beginning of the show have turned into enemies, and those who were foes in the beginning turned into friends. And one such equation that has turned between Aakash Dadlani and Shilpa Shinde.

Shilpa Shinde

Aakash since the beginning of the show used to refer Shilpa as his mother, and called her as Shilpa maa. And in the last few episodes of the Bigg Boss House the relationship between the two turned out to be different, increasing tensions between them. The entire situation turned out to happen when the tuning between the two Contestants began to change. Salman also in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of the show as him as to what problem do they have with their friendship.

In one of the recent episodes of Bigg Boss Season 11 that was shown on voot app, you can see Aakash crossing all his limits, where during a conversation he asked Shilpa to apply lotion on his private parts. Shilpa after listening to what he said was shocked, and by looking at Hiten she said that his bad time has started. This is what Shilpa said to him: “Yeh (Akash) muje jaanta nai hai.”

Hiten Tejwani answered on the same issue, “There’s boundary line, and when that specific person crosses that line, then you are supposed to handle it.”

Shilpa said, “Isko aisa sambhalungi na ki zindagi bhar yaad rakhega yeh. Yeh bolega Bigg Boss season gyaara mein tha aur mere bajgaye the baara.”

Shilpa said, “Jis baar usne liya hai mujse panga, uske bajje hai baara..”

Aakash after listening to the entire conversation, started wondering why she was discussing each and every thing with Hiten. Hiten is not his father that Shilpa complains and he comes and deals with Aakash.

So what’s your opinion about this new controversy in the Bigg boss house? Do leave your opinion in the comments section given below. Stay tuned for more updates on the Bigg Boss House.

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