Deepika padukone’s pay cheque for padmavati is huge


The movie padmavati directed by sanjay leela bhansali has already caught enough attention, may it be regarding the cast or the budget for the movie. The latest news from the set of padmavati is the amount that is been charged by deepika padukone for her role in the movie. She has worked earlier with sanjay leela bhansali where the actress got 1 crore for her movie ram leela and 7 crore for her next flick bajirao mastani. This time the actress has managed to bag a huge amount of 12.75 crore making a mark for herself in the industry as the first actress to cross a 10 crore mark. In the beginning of the project the actress had demanded for 7 crore and a percentage of the profit that the movie maker makes, she had to eventually settle down with a huge amount of 12.75 crore rather which should be worth her effort for the movie. But the trend which is set by male lead role to get a portion of the profit didn’t turn out well for the actress in this case, she had earlier managed to sign a similar project in piku where she received a percent of the profit from the movie. The movie padmavati is been around the clock on the news since the day the project plan was launched, earlier it was

regarding the lead role where ranveer singh was substituted by hrithik roshan ,as sanjay leela bhansali didn’t like the attitude that ranveer singh kept with the pronwend director for questioning his decision. Lets all hope that the movie is worth the wait for the amount of attention it is been getting lately ,also hope that the cast and team does a fair job with the storyline that sanjay leela bhansali has his mind to continue his streak of leaving the viewers more curious for his next project.

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