Demonetization Was a Wrong Step Taken By Narendra Modi – Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan


Actor Kamal Hassan has apologized for supporting the entire process of demonetization, and said that he would really appreciate and Salute Narendra Modi if he accepts that the entire process of demonetization was a mistake. The actor in an interview said that the willingness of acknowledge the mistake and rectifying it, makes a person a great leader and this Mahatma Gandhi was able to do so.

Kamal Hassan says Modi should not be stubborn enough but should accept the facts that did not work out in the right manner. He further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should not be arguing that the rabbit which he has caught has three legs rather than four. On his initial support of demonetization, Hassan said that Modi thought it will help in bringing the entire black money out from the different parts of the world which failed and did not happen.

He also said that his friends and the economists even today continue to criticize him even today for supporting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this move. He further added that he thought it would be good but the way in which that the entire process was implemented was wrong.

He also said that now there are voices that are saying demonetization was a deception and weak response from the government side, raising some serious doubts about the entire scheme. He is now hoping that Modi will follow his lead, as the sign of a good leader is to accept the mistake that is done by them. And if Modi does this then I will really appreciate and salute him.

Kamal Hassan is definitely looking to enter into the electoral politics and has even met the Aam Admi Party Head Arvind Kejriwal. Meanwhile he is on a firm of starting his own autonomous political outfit for a time being.

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