Five Bollywood Celebrities who get married Again without getting Divorced

Bollywood Actors and Actresses have always been known for their extreme behaviour. They take any step without even wondering what the consequences will turn out to be. Be it about their marriage or remarriage these actors have always been in the headlines. Given below are some of the Bollywood stars who got married without giving divorce to their wife.

Yes we do have some accommodation Actors and Actresses who are Remarried but without giving divorce to their wife. Today through our blog we bring you scandalous marriages that led their partners with pain for getting married with others. So let’s have a look at who these celebrities are:

1.Kirran Kher

Before getting married to Anupam Kher the actress was married to a business man as well as an actor Gautam Berry. But their marriage hit the rock bottom and they get separated in the year 1985. She then got married to her best friend Anupam Kher who she had met during her theatre days in Chandigarh. Anupam was too a married man by then and like Kirran even his marriage did not seem to work out that well. The actress also had her son from her first marriage and is named as Sikandhar. He is very well accepted by Anupam Kher.

2.Neelam Kothari

In the year 2000, Neelam Kothari was married to Rishi Sethia who was a rich business man in United Kingdom. Even though the business man family had enough objections for the marriage, they somehow went ahead and get hitched. Soon after their marriage the two saw a really very rough phase in life and got separated immediately. She was then introduced to an actor called Samir Soni through one of their common friend Ekta Kapoor. The two dated for a period of three years and finally tied a knot with each other in January 2011.  Two years after their marriage the couple have adopted a baby girl and named her as Ahana.

3.Udit Narayan

Udit Narayan was actually got in a scandal, when a lady named Ranjana Narayan says that she was singer’s first wife. She came out and made a Revelation in front of media proving that the singer had married her in the year 1984. She also said that Deepa who is the second wife of Udit Narayan is not legally married to him, as she was not divorced to him at all. The matter is all resolved now as the singer agreed to pay a monthly stipend to Ranjana.

4.Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt fell in love with a school girl who was named as Lorraine Bright. The two tied a knot when he was 20 years old, and had a daughter who was named as Pooja Bhat when he was 21. His biggest success and the most acknowledged movie Aashiqui is based on the two love story. Soon the relationship between the two goes for a toss, due to the extra marital affair he has with Parveen Babi which again did not seem to last for a longer period of time. He then met Soni Razdan a popular actress from the movie Saraansh. The two fell in love and soon tied a knot, and together they have two daughters Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt.


Dharmendra first met the actress Hema Malini on the sets of Tum Haseen Mein Jawan. The much married man who is known to carry his heart on his sleeve fell in love with her like a ton of bricks. It is from this specific period of time that he got converted into Islam just to get married to her. The actor did not divorce his first wife Prakash from whom he had two sons Bobby and Sunny Deol. Whereas Dharmendra and Hema Malini have two daughters Esha and Aahana. It is also believed that Dharmendra continues to live with his first wife even today.

To conclude these unusual love stories of the Bollywood actors and actresses have not just turned to be famous during their times, but also have been quite shocking. And as they say that each and everything is fair in love and war and Bollywood, these celebrities have just done and followed whatever their heart has told them to do.

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