Following the foot Steps of Her Parents Shruthi Hassan Opens up of Having Children before Marriage

Shruthi Hassan

Shruthi is one among the star kid who has successfully proved her star skills in some of the Bollywood movies. She is completely the replica of her mother and has a great talent like her father. Yes we are talking about this gorgeous lady Shruthi Hassan, who is the daughter of Kamal Hassan and Sarika.

Shruthi has been in news for quite some time now. And all thanks to her personal life. The actress was once rumoured of dating a handsome British men Michael Corsale. Although this is a relationship that she did not accept but is often clicked with her alleged beau by paps.

Shruthi Hassan has now come forward and not just made a bold statement but also makes a bold headline of whatever she speaks. Recently in an interview she has revealed the desire of having children before getting married. And now this is actually something that the public cannot digest.

In one of the Interviews, Shruthi has accepted in front of the media that she was attracted towards a music director and did not reveal who it is. She also added that she did not date any one till date as she is willing to give all her attention to her career first. The actress quoted saying

In the past, I liked a music director and we were very close for some time. I thought I was in love but only after our break-up, I realized that it was just an attraction. After that, I never had a boyfriend. I didn’t even have time for a boyfriend at this point in my career. I am not thinking of marriage now but I will marry when I feel its right time. If I find the right guy, I won’t hesitate to have even children before marriage. I won’t mind what media or people think of me.

And very much according to Shruthi she is yet single and is not ready to mingle. But her pics with this handsome British guy Michael Corsale telling a different tale. After all there is no smoke without fire. Well we all like your thoughts Ms Hassan. Is shruthi following the footsteps of her parents. For all those of you who don’t know this Shruti and her sister Akshara were born much before their parents entered the wedlock!

We hope you find your Mr Perfect soon. And incase you have found one please don’t hesitate to share your happiness out with us.


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