Friends or foes – stars who refuse to be friends


Like any other industry , there are lots of mysteries and gossips that revolve around the

Bollywood that keep the people in the midst of anxiety and curiosity to know more like The rivals in our b-town who just refuse to end their rivalry for a very long time.

In the past few months many have come forward to shake hands and bring a end to the rivalry to a whole new beginning.  Recently the two khans , ‘Shahrukh khan’ and ‘salman khan’ ended their long rivalry to become the best of friends. Many in the industry still refuse to take the bold step to once again shake hands due to various reasons , here is a list of great friends who now refuse to be even in the presence of each other  anymore.

Salman khan and vivek oberoi

This one is said to be one of the oldest rivalry in the industry and it is said to have started with the controversy where aishwarya rai claimed of salman khan trying to molest her spread out. maybe , it was vivek oberoi who came to the rescue of our beautiqueen. But like any other mystery in the town, the actual reason is yet to be confirmed by any sources.

Shraddha kapoor and parineeti chopra

The newbie’s in the industry are already caught in the whirl of rivalry , the reason being of the strong competition between the the two. There are also rumours on the personal front that recently parineeti chopra has got close to adiya  roy kapur on their project set and which has made some sparks between the two actress.

Priyanka chopra and kareena kapoor

These two started their career almost at the same time and moved along at their own pace, them starting to work in the industry at the same time has set a few differences between them.

Kareena kapoor had admitted on a tv show of the two just been acquittance . priyanka dated shahid kapoor after he was dumped by kareena like the sources say.

Deepika padukone and katrina kaif

They are far away from even having a conversation due to the fact that katrina is currently dating ranbir kapoor, whom deepika padukone had dated earlier. In addition to the fact, both are coming for various lead roles in the box office which makes them reluctant to be friendly.

David dhawan and govinda

The duo of these two have succeeded in entertaining the viewers with their movies for a long time , but to the disappointment their friendship has ended on a bad note which was confirmed by govinda in a interview in which he said that he is not ready to work with david dhawan anymore.

Deepika padukone and anushka sharma

Yet another love triangle tragedy turned rivalry in b town, but this time the two have decided to go at each other publicly. The cat fight has been going on for a while now , and anushka has also made quite few statements s  about deepika padukone on tv show which was quite harsh on her side

Aishwarya .rai and rani mukherjee

The bollywood queens who have not been a part of any projects for a while now, but the rivalry continues between them ever since aishwarya rai was replaced by rani for chalte chalte. And to add to the fire the perfect chemistry between abhishek bachchan and rani mukherjee has triggered to lot of controversies.

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  1. Salman is ch……..ta.. Don’t Talk about him.. He is biggest waste material in Indian industry .. Vivek is good person and down to earth .. He doesn’t show like as if he leading the industry as your salman.. 🙁

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