Girl Shares the Pic of Her Boyfriend And Fans Believe Him to Be Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

A twitter user Lourdes Zavaleta from America shared the pic of her boyfriend with a caption Y, all man he looks so cute, look at the selfie that he has just sent me. The twitter fans after the image being shared, started to compare him with late Michael Jackson and waded in some Jacko Song Based Pun.

The photograph shows the man whose name is not mentioned, is sitting in the front seat of his car wearing a baseball cap and black t-shirt. The image was uploaded by her on a Tuesday morning, and within a shorter period of time it tend to get more than 9,300 likes followed by 3,000 retweets.

The twitter users immediately after having a look at the pic started to compare him with Late Michael Jackson and waded in some Jacko Song Based Pun. Some of the tweets had the following comments to the pic:

Nix wrote: “Sis you dating a person who is the king of pop.

While Derek joked: “Does he rock with you the entire night?”

Some even landed up making comments like he should not be taking selfies while driving. He can be hit by any smooth criminal.

Another Twitter user says this:

Erin said: “Your man just told me that I rock his world”,

As Sam joked: “Smh, he don’t really care about us!”

The pic continued to receive more than 1800 comments from the individuals who were in disbelief over the man’s likeness to Michael Jackson. The jokes continued to go on and they were nonstop. However when retweeted by a women called Annie the things truly went viral getting nearly 150,000 retweets followed by 380,000 likes and the last but not the least 2000 comments. This entire process of retweets on twitter led to a relentless wave of jokes that the individuals deemed it to be the funniest thread of 2017.

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