Girl Threatened To Be Raped In Front Of Her Brother by a Guy on Facebook

Girl Threatened To Be Raped

Today where we are celebrating International girl’s day, the world is still preparing to fete the girl yesterday whose life turned out to be a hell by a 24 year old guy from Kolkata. This 20 year old girl had shared a screen shot on Facebook of a chat that she had with her brother. Once she shares the post a resident from Kolkata has a look at the post and then leaves a smiley as a comment to the post.

The girl then realized that he is a stranger who had actually come forward and made a comment on the post, and immediately deletes the comment from there. This made Agniswar Chakraborty angry so much that he again left a nasty comment on her post. He actually threatened to rape her. These were his words:

“I will rape you until you bleed from your a** and beg for mercy. I will shove my feet inside your ravaged c*** as you puke blood all over the floor. And don’t worry I will make your little F****** brother watch the whole thing before my friends rape the s**t out of him and leave him breathing just barely to see how I cut your c**t off and shove molten rod down your throat you f******g w***e.If I ever see your brother I will do things to him a man can only imagine. Beware C**t.”

The girl who is just 20 years old was horrified looking at what he said. And her younger brother is not even 18 years old.

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The Kolkata based Women cell organization that works with the cybercrime related issues, noticed the entire thing that happened on Facebook and contacted the Kolkata Police immediately. The Kolkata police has arrested a 24 year old guy Agniswar Chakraborty an engineer for posting a sexually treat on a women’s Facebook profile. They have also seized his mobile phone through which he had posted the nasty comment.

On an International Girls day when are supposed to honour the girls without any reason, it will be really good if we teach the guys like him of how to respect the girls in the society.

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