Google Hires Indian Boy Harshit Sharma at annual package of 1.44 cr


When it comes to a company like Google hiring in India, and paying a 16 year old boy 1.44 crore as his salary per annum, then believe me there will be enough hue and cry including all the television channels, the print and the last but not the least an affirmation from the search giant regarding the hire.

So when the Department of Public Relations in Chandigarh sent out a small press release on the 29th of July, stating that the boy Harshit Sharma who has completed his XII from the Government Model Senior Secondary School this year has been selected for the post of a graphic designer in Google. The news was then quickly picked up by several other local and the national media outlets.

On a Tuesday morning the other publications had a headline that read, “Harshit Sharma, class 12th student of Govt School, creates history; Google offers him salary package of whopping Rs 1.44 crore.” Overnight this student from the Govt School turned out to be a national hero just by realizing his Great Indian Dream. Throughout the press release there was nothing else that had been mentioned apart from what the UT Administration had mentioned. It had his salary breakup, where it mentioned that he would be trained in graphic designing for a period of one year, and will receive a stipend of 4lakhs per month after which his salary will go up to 12 lakhs every month.

However the representatives of the Google organization told the Indian Express that the company did not have any information on their records with respect to Harshit sharma candidacy. The govt then realized that something was definitely not right and then started to scramble distance from the story itself.

Educational Secretary BL Sharma to this says, that the official statement that was issued by the educational department was not brought to his notice. I have asked the Director to look into this matter deeply.

Harshit Sharma

Rubinderjit Singh Brar who is the UT Director of the School Education said that he would discuss this matter with the school principal and then make a comment on the issue. The Chandigarh Administration meanwhile has ordered to probe into the notice and statement that was given by the educational department.

Surprisingly before making any such announcement the principal of the school had not seen any such proof for the employment of the boy. She quoted to the Hindustan Times saying that he had come running to her that google had called him and have offered him a job. However she had denied seeing the offer letter. The boy further claims that he did have the offer letter but could not send it to her as he was travelling and did not have access to the Internet.

The Indian Express in the report further claimed that the boy got selected after submitting his posters through some link. He says that he had never expected to get selected for a company like google. And since the age of 10 he had been showing interest in graphic designing, which slowly turned out to be his passion. He further says, whatever he is today in life is due to his uncle and he owes his selection to him as he had never joined any professional training institute for this.

From this it seems like he actually has to wait a lot for his turn to come up in a company like Google.

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