Hiten Wife Gauri Pradhan Reacts to the Flirtatious Nature By Arshi Khan On Bigg Boss Show


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If you like all the others even today enjoy watching the Bigg boss show. You must then be aware of the unusual relationship that is caused between Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan. Arshi who is also one of the contestant of the bigg boss show never ever misses the chance of teasing Hiten inside the house. Despite the actor warning her Arshi continues to stay close to him and has been teasing him since the beginning of the show.

Bigg Boss 11 is giving its viewers each and everything they have asked for. Starting from the fight of the contestants to the arguments to the comedy and the last but not the least romance. The relationship between the two continues to be the highlights of the show, where Arshi continues to be closer in spite of him giving her several warnings. On a weekend ka waar ka episode Salman khan had announced Hitesh and Arshi to be one of the most romantic people inside the Bigg Boss House.

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Now it seems that Hiten’s wife Gauri Pradhan has finally decided to come forward and react on the new development of the reality show. While on a talk with Pinksvilla and shared her views on the matter, She said “This is something that does not affect me at all. I know Hiten as well so these are things that do not bother me much. His commitment to his family is to another level and I guess each and everything is highlighted for TRPs and every channel would do the same so I will not blame them.

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The channel has even asked her about Hiten’s performance on the Bigg Boss show. And to the reply she said, “He is not different from inside than he is from outside. He is very calm and patient, and I am sure will never participate in the fights, but hardworking and let’s see if these things turn to work out for him in the Bigg Boss house. Gauri and Hiten tied a knot with each other on the 29th April 2004 and are still going strong with it. This happily married couple has then turned to come along way since then and today are a proud parents of twins Neevan and Katya who will turn 8 on the 11th November next month.

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