I Was Not pregnant with Afridi’s Child Says the Bigg Boss Contestant Arshi Khan 

Arshi Khan 

Couple of years back we all had come across a news or say a Controversy that was created by Arshi Khan, that added allegations on the Pakistani cricketer shahid Afridi. She through this had crossed all her limits. Arshi had told that she was pregnant with Afridi’s Child and she was going to deliver in Bhopal.

While giving an interview with one of the channel, Arshi Khan had told that her pregnancy was totally a false news. In fact she had got a few pregnancy tests done through which she came to know that she was not pregnant at all. And how ever with time the things had turned out to settle down by then.

Now when Arshi Khan is the Contestant of the Bigg Boss house, we all were expecting her to bring this topic out but with some masala added into it. And we through our blog wish to tell you that Arshi Khan has made a big confession on the Bigg Boss Show. And you will be shocked after listening to it.
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As we all know that Weekend ka Vaar is not just spicy but even entertaining, as we all get to see and know something new about the contestants out there. In the last episode of the Weekend ka Vaar, host Salman Khan plays a game with everyone out there, where he asked all the Contestants to bring out their secrets facing the camera.

Arshi Khan

Through out the task the contestants were asked to go into the cubicle box and speak out things that were running in their mind.

The task was all fine unless and until the turn of Arshi Khan came. Arshi through the confession that she made gave the viewers a 440 volt ka Jatka. It was something more than that actually.

Through one of the confession that she made, She said that she was NOT pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s child. In fact, she also said that all her claims related to her pregnancy  were fake and she just wanted some media attention. Somewhere we already knew that it is fake, but hearing it from the horse’s mouth itself makes a big difference.

Really wonder what Shahid Afridi must have gone through after looking at this Bigg Boss episode. What do you think about the entire issue.

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