Is this your acting or are you hiding your tears??? Sri Lankan team gets trolled by Twitter 

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The air quality and pollution these days in the capital city New Delhi, leads to a serious concern from a quiter longer period of time now as the game of cricket has also turned out to be the target. The air in the national capital New Delhi is quite smoggy these days and is leading to a huge problem of breathing. The Smog in Delhi is believed to be a mixture of both smoke and fog.

The third test series of India and Sri Lankan is being played at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium New Delhi, where the Sri Lankan Players are found wearing a mask during the entire game.

The bowlers seemed to have a huge trouble while coughing, followed by breathing trouble due to which they immediately underwent a medical check-up. The game had been interrupted many number of times, which led the Indian player Virat Kohli to a frustration, and declared the innings at 536 runs.

Well apparently the entire situation turned out to be so bad that, most of the Sri Lankan players wore the masks, and according to their coach they were throwing up the masks in the dressing room and luckily had oxygen cylinder kept in the room.. And we see some are really not happy with this, and were calling it to be a gimmick to hide their face..

This is the first time in the cricket history, that an international cricket match has been cancelled and that too due to pollution. And this is something that is seriously hampering the image of India.

However twitter seems to have a different opinion, as it feels that the Sri Lankan players are faking since the beginning of the matches, and because they are 1-0 in the series and in the match as well. The team is now in a complete different situation. Have a look at some of the tweets given below

Shame on the Sri Lankan team:

So what do you think about the entire issue. Do leave your comments below.

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