It Was Twitter Employee’s Last Day & Guess What, Employee Deactivated Donald Trump’s Account


US President Donald Trump is very much active on Twitter and his followers have also become habitual of reading his blistering tweets but on Thursday, his twitter handle @realdonaldtrump was down for 11 minutes.

The account has been restored and Twitter is also investigating the matter.

President Trump has used this incident to let people know that what influence he is having, he tweeted on Friday:

President Trump has a great following of 41.7 million and he has many times created controversies through his tweets but this time the deletion of his account has sparked a controversy which questions the safety of President’s twitter handle while so many fake accounts are also operating on Twitter in the name of Trump. However, the good thing was that the official account of President, @POTUS wasn’t affected.

“Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” was the message that was seen whenever someone visited President’s page.


Don’t Listen
President Trump tweeted about the tax cut plans of Republican Party after his account was resorted.

Twitter affirms that it is probing the matter and it will take steps to ensure that such mistake never happen again. Later on, it said, “Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review.”

Since March 2009, President Trump has made more than 36, 000 tweet and he has been using his twitter handle not just for promoting his policies but also for criticising his political rivals. In one of his interviews, he openly said that if someone speaks something about him, he will take care of it by going “bing, bing, bing on Twitter”.

He threatened the North Korean dictator in a tweet in September and Twitter called it “newsworthy.”

He also made a taunt on the FBI chief James Comey, few days before he sacked him in May.

However, later on he asserted that he had no such tapes

Donald Trump’s friends have also got into problem for making insulting tweets and one of them was Roger Stone. Roger’s account was suspended after he made derogatory and homophobic comments against journalists which also included Don Lemon, a gay CNN presenter.

Roger was infuriated that he threatened to sue Twitter.

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