Javed Akhtar Trolled For His Big Auto-Correct Mistake While Paying Tribute To A Late Singer On Twitter

Javed Akhtar Trolled

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Have you ever became the victim of auto-correct? If not, you won’t understand the agony of Javed Akhtar who got slammed by Twitterati after he posted a tweet for paying his tribute to a late singer Girija Devi.


Girija Devi, who was also known as Thumri queen, was a classical singer of the Seniya and Banaras gharanas. She took her last breath around 9pm on 24th Oct, 2017. She was 88 years old.

Girija Devi
(image: The Hindu)

This is what the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted in a couple of tweets after her demise:

“Saddened by demise of Girija Devi ji. Indian classical music has lost one of its most melodious voices. My thoughts are with her admirers.”

“Girija Devi ji’s music appealed across generations. Her pioneering efforts to popularise Indian classical music will always be remembered.”

Now coming back to what lyricist Javed Akhtar tweeted:

“Girija Devi was not only a great classical sinner but a national treasurer . We are poorer with out her”

This tweet has been deleted by the lyricist but as you can see, the auto-correct misspelt singer as sinner and treasure and treasurer. Without has also been changed into with out.

We all understand that this is not what Javed Akhtar wanted to convey but still Twitterati lost its cool and started slamming him.

Javed Akhtar

Here are some selected tweets:

Javed Akhtar twittes


One tweet that make Javed angry:

And Akhtar retorted:

Later on, Javed Akhtar not only apologised for his incorrect tweet but also paid tribute to the late singer with another tweet and this time, he made sure that he doesn’t make a mistake. He tweeted:

However, as per Twitter users the damage was done and they were not in a mood to forgive him for the mistake of auto-correct. They slammed him likes this:

Don’t you think that people should have been a little lenient with Javed Akhtar? Share your views.

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