Kangana Shoots Back At Hrithik Roshan Wanting Him to Answer These 9 Questions


After the bare all interview on Aap ki Adalat that was full of startling revelations about Hrithik and her relationship, Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer hits back a statement to him asking him to answer the above questions.

On a Thursday morning Hrithik Roshan finally breaks up with his silence, and came forward addressing the controversies that are happening between the two. Soon after the statement started making headlines against her, Kangana sister Rangoli lashed out on him on Twitter and questioned the authenticity of the forensic investigations that claim he had been interacting with Kangana with an imposter based in New Jersey. She also continued to say that Hrithik had multiple affairs under the nose of his ex-wife Sussanne Khan. Here are some of the questions that are raised by her Lawyer.

Read the questions below which Kangana wants Hrithik to answer:

Question 1:

Mr Hrithik Roshan who very well knew that my clients emails were hacked in 2014, and he personally accused of the criminal act for hacking her accounts. Then under what circumstances did he go ahead and take the risk of slyly receiving, collecting and saving thousands of unverified emails on his personal email id from the account that is hacked. Despite the fact that the charges of hacking has been made personally towards him and not as an afterthought.

Question 2:

He being a married man and a father of two children should have been shocked and should have immediately come forward and spoken to us, his family or any person whom he knows and trusts complaining about the emails he has received. Why did he fail to take a step immediately towards such things? And kept on collecting these unverified emails from a hacked account, instead of deleting them and reprimanding my client with full authority if he felt she was wrong and he was right?

Question 3:

When my client was giving him full cooperation and was willing to be a part of the criminal complaint, then Mr Hrithik Roshan obviously had no good reason to lie to the police and causing a delay in registering an FIR. Then on what grounds did he lie to the police and other people around, and only filed an informal complaint instead of an FIR and that too without informing us who was a concerned and a very well interested party.

Question 4:

Why was it important for him to wait for so long (7 Months) and collect thousands of emails that were sent from a hacked account, and only then pursue an informal complaint? What was his aim and the intent behind this entire act?

Question 5:

Why Did Hrithik only after receiving a notice from us seek to lodge an FIR after 2 long years, and is now trying to look for an imposter despite full knowledge that there was no such kind of imposter made in the first place. So had there been any such imposter alleged by him, then the said imposter would have done a serious damage to the data that was collected by him through email.

Question 6:

Why is he being so desperate enough to rely on the private and favourable forensic report that he has personally paid for.

Question 7:

My client and Mr. Hrithik Roshan go to the same doctor since a quite few years. And he does know very well that my client does not suffer from any such kind of a mental aliments or syndrome what so ever, then on what grounds did he come forward and circulate an unreliable and fabricated email to the media. What is his aim and objective behind it?

Question 8:

Besides my client states that no person under any circumstances will show any private pictures to the third party be it media, and had been clearly communicated to him while they were in a relationship. Then under what circumstances and under whose opinion did he come forward and openly outrage the modesty of my client.

Question 9:

My client demands and wishes to know that except for the unreliable, fabricated and unverified emails that he has been relying upon, is there any act of stalking that has been indulged on the part of my client. If no then on what grounds did he claim to be stalked by my client?

And for those of you who have missed out Mr. Hrithik Roshan Statement released earlier here it goes for you.

I as an actor choose to be on the path of creativity, productivity, and constructive work. And anything that is not alignment with that I would prefer ignoring, stepping aside, and continue to treat as distraction.

I also believe that ignorance, non-reaction and staying on the path of dignity is one of the best ways that you could discourage any persistent unwanted intrusions. And just like nagging health issues sometimes even that could turn into malignant, and this situation unfortunately for me has turned out to be malignant. And in case of matter at hand it seems that the media does not actually want it to let go so easily.

I don’t see any grace of adding to this circus the certificate of my character especially in the situation that I am not involved in no matter what ever. I have like the others been dragged into this dirty perverse mess without a choice in any matter. This is something that is definitely not of my making.

The truth is that I have met this lady one on one in my entire life. Yes we have worked together but there has been no such meeting in private and that’s the truth. Please understand that I am not fighting against any such allegation of affair, or trying to be childish to uphold a good guy image. I am aware of my faults as I am too a human. In fact I have been trying to protect myself from a far more serious, sensitive and destructive than that.

Sadly very few from the media as well as the public are interested to know the entire truth. And has really turned out to be a hard learnt fact for me. If people are more comfortable with lie as it would not affect their model of the world, especially when the girl is the victim and the man as aggressor then let that be. I am very much ok with that too.

Women from centuries have been abused at the hands of men, and it makes me think at times how can men turn out to be so brutal and they do deserve a hard punishment for this. And if by logic it means that men cannot be vulnerable and women cannot lie then I am very much ok with that too.

An alleged 7 years long relationship between the two high profile celebrities with no trial left behind.

There are no evidences, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses and not even a memento in possession like a selfie taken and has claimed to be taken in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that would constitute an exchange or any sort of proof for a romantic relationship. Yet we wish to believe the other party because it’s obvious for us to think why would a girl lie.

My passport details to this show that I have not travelled outside the country in the month of Jan, which is the date that has been alleged and has taken place in Paris. The only so called proof to this alleged relationship is that photo shopped picture represented in front of the media. And this was immediately exposed the very next day by my friends and my ex-wife.

These are questions that are not even asked as we are thought to protect women against such thing in the society. I myself have been brought up by my parents in the same way. I am really very grateful to them for this. I will do my best to teach my children the same as well. And will also teach them to always stand up for women no matter what.

This is not, and I repeat it is not a lovers spot. I have a humble request from each and every one of you to stop labelling things for one and for a second see what the truth is. I have been really harassed for the past four years and well-meaning and probably socially biased towards men has actually deemed me to be really helpless in front of the other women in the society.

I am not angry. I have never allowed anger to enter into my life. In fact have never had a single fight with any men or women. Even during my divorce there was no such fight that happened. I and those who wish to be around me have always chosen peace.

To the end I would just say that I am not here to judge or accuse anyone here. But it’s the time that I defend myself because when truth suffers it’s actually the collective consciousness of the society that suffers. Civilization suffers. Closer to home families and children suffer.”

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