Katrina kaif may start dating again soon

Katrina kaif

Recently katrina kaif had officially announced of her breakup with ranbir kapoor which has led to the focus of all cameras towards the personal life of katrina kaif as people are always curious to know more about their favourite stars interests and facts. The bollywood couple had dated for a while and the reason to their breakup is still a mystery. As always with end of one mystery leads to the rise of yet another mystery, it is seen recently that the bollywood hottie is seen around a lot with the newbie prepossessing star of the tinsel town aditya roy kapoor. The couple has already managed to make the headlines a few times  after they were spotted together at various places together. The two had recently worked together in ‘fitoor’ which was out in the theatre in feb 2016, and since then a lot is being buzzing around. The movie was a sizzling hot love story in which lot of intimate scenes were shared, surprisingly their chemistry turned out perfect in the film, and we believe they tend to carry it forward in their real life.

Aditya roy kapoor who was dating shraddha kapoor before , broke up as a result of their differences which could not be kept apart from the relation. Sources close to the duo has confirmed about a spark between the couple which can have a future, the couple is on a trip for their ‘ dream team concert’ and we all can look forward to some interesting news once the couple is back hoping their love would flourish by the end of the trip. As any other love story in real life bollywood, we will have to wait to know about their relationship status and lets pray it lasts for a long time unlike other relation that they have got into.

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