Kerala Retired School Teacher Reunites with Her Students through Facebook

kerala teacher

Vidhya M.R who is a government employee in the capital of kerala Thiruvananthapuram, walked into the city railway station to meet one of her friend on the 5th of November, did not know that it’s going to be a special day of life. Her interventions through one of the social networking site Facebook, helped to find a school teacher who was abandoned and begging outside the railway station reunite with her school students.

Everything turned out to happen when Vidhya saw this old women, outside the Railway station waiting for her friend. The lady was wearing unleashed clothes and looked mentally derailed. Vidhya while having a talk with the outlook told that, “There were a couple of polythene bags with her that had a few water bottles and old pieces of clothes inside it. I then saw her plucking and eating small fruits from one of the trees close by, so carefully as if she did not even want a single leaf to fall down because of her.”

She then asked the lady if she wanted to have some food. But the women replied saying no to her. However Vidhya then went to a restaurant close by and got some idli vada for the women so that she could have when she feels like to. Vidhya saw that the old women body language was brimming with propriety. Vidhya then asked her about her whereabouts, and the women then patiently answered all her queries.

From the entire conversation that she turned out to have with the woman, she came to know that the woman was a retired school teacher in kerala. She had been working for years in one of the school that was located at Malappuram district in northern part of Kerala. Vidhya then immediately clicked the pictures of the old women and immediately shared it on her Facebook page, followed by a description about the encounter that she had with the woman.

Vidhya then said to outlook team and said, “As I looked on, the teacher slowly carried her old polythene bags and disappeared into the crowd. I am not sure whether whatever she told me is really true or not. But, one thing that I am really sure about is, that she is not a mad woman on the street. She is, indeed, an educated woman! If what she said is really very true, then I wish that someone from her Malappuram school comes forward and recognizes her….” Vidya later posted the same on her Facebook.

After Vidhya Post on Facebook the result to this was really unexpected. The teacher told that her old students were successful in recognizing her and said that they would give her a shelter to stay. Vidhya then immediately added another post to find the teacher who went missing from the crowd. The search began and once the teacher was found she was immediately taken to Thambanoor police station, after which she was taken to the old age home Sayahnam located at Thiruvanthapuram.

According to the Sub Inspector of Thambanoor police station, the teacher is believed to be the case of abandoning. We have found her family and friends. And are yet to find her son and her husband. She also says that a suo moto case has been registered against all her relatives for which the hearing will be taken place very soon in this month.

When asked if the teacher is mentally ill, the inspector then said that the teacher is very much in her senses. Her self-esteem seems to be very commendable even in this age. She refused to offer me her bag when I said that will catch it. The same was in the case when I said will catch her hand. In the same time the teacher also said that she wishes to have a really good company. And infact asked me in Malayalam, Ennum Koott Undakumallo ille?? Which means will you be with me every day.

However the teacher has refused to go along with her students. She says that she cannot go with men who are from a different city, and resisted that will go only with her husband and her son. The inspector also said that there is an effort being put in order to find them, and we are sure that will find them soon. The teacher is awaiting for her family.

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