Know the 10 Things That the Indian Bride and Groom Do On Their First Night

Before the wedding takes place, I am sure that most of the couple have already planned what they would do on their first night. High expectations, a bit of nervousness, and many other things like these lay on the floor of the first night. After all the first night is believed to be the action filled night. May be for a few. And while most of the couples wish to have a never ending kiss session on their first night, this is something that actually never turns out to happen in reality.

Sleeping like a dog

After a long list of ceremonies and rituals Indian wedding are generally considered to be very tiring. And of course the couple who are a part of all the ceremonies and rituals are generally the one who get affected the most. And by the time they actually reach their room all that they can think of is to sleep as long as possible.

Getting rid of their accessories and outfits

After wearing the heavy accessories and outfits all that the couple wish to do as soon as they enter they room is to get rid of them. The bride is the one who alone cannot remove the entire attire on her own, especially the thousand pins on her head. Hence the groom often get tangled in the tedious and tiring tasks helping the bride to get rid of all those accessories.

Sexy Talks

So if your family did not make you that tired from all the ceremonies and rituals then you will definitely get some time to do some blushing and naughty chats for sure.

Getting ready for the honeymoon

 Even during the first night they may end up doing bag packaging. This is something that often ends up in a mess and you always land up forgetting to do things that you have actually dreamt off. No movie type romance at all.

Rushing to take bath

 This can happen either at your own place or in the hotel that you are staying. Couples generally enjoy taking a long bath in order to feel relaxed after a tiring wedding customs.

Seeing some gifts

Some couples generally are really anxious enough to know what’s there in the gifts. Poor Groom.

Discuss the wedding 

Most couples generally tend to spend their first night discussing about their not so important topics for example the relatives, food and the last but not the least the gifts.

Wedding games by family

The Indian wedding is generally believed to be the one that never gets over on time. They would never ever leave you guys alone no matter even if it’s your first night. Some of the couples generally end up playing family games like finding the ring etc.

Talking their hearts out

 As the wedding day comes closer most couples don’t get enough time to even talk to each other due to the endless preparations and ceremonies. And finally they get is the wedding night. And believe it or not most individuals land up talking the entire night without even looking at the time.

Just left with a thought of the first night

Did nothing on the first night. Hope you guys get to try things on another day, if you don’t have to visit the mandir and all.

In my view sex is not very important on the first day. What important is you both need to make the night even more beautiful and memorable night of their married life.

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