Kohli Shares Candid Details Of His Relation With Ladylove Anushka & Fans Would Love To Know It

Kohli Shares

Virat Kohli is one of the most talked about sportspersons of the world and his fans are very much interested in knowing about his personal life along with his professional life. The Indian skipper is in a relationship with Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma for a long time. Even though they didn’t speak about it openly, they gave many hints to let people understand about what’s going on between them.


Virat spoke a lot of things about Anushka when he attended a talk show with Aamir Khan and now he has once again talked in detail about his lady love when he was interviewed by Gaurav Kapoor just recently. Kohli discussed what pleasant changes Anushka has brought in his life and how she has changed him in a positive manner.

Virat credited Anushka and her efforts for the good changes that have come in his personality in the last few years. He said,

“It’s the magic of my lady luck. I didn’t have any senses before, but ever since the lady has come into my life, she has taught me a lot of things. So I have grown better in the last four years. My intelligence has grown in these years with her. She has taught me manners, gotten me calm. Also, she taught me how to utilize your potential to the fullest at whatever point you are in your life.”


He further said that the gorgeous actress kept on holding his hand even when he was going through the bad phases. In his words,

“When I was in my bad phase, my flip in my attitude has come because of her and her alone. At that time she understood what I was going through. She kept me motivated. As a support she helped me push through. She was a constant standing by like a rock. Then when I started doing well, she was still there by my side. It was a special thing for both of us because she too faced a lot of flak during that time. People started telling in that bad phase that ‘these young players just want to enjoy’. So just because these people don’t want to, I shouldn’t be in a relationship. How absurd is that?”

Virat may be speaking openly about his love of life but Anushka has been silent on this matter; however, there is no doubt that fans of Virat and Anushka will like to see both of them tying knot soon.

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