List of Bollywood Celebrities Who Were Slapped By Salman Khan.

salman fight

The Dabangg actor and the famous star of the Bollywood industry, is also known for his kind behaviour in the entire film industry. And there have been times when this kind hearted person has totally lost his patience and his anger reaches the 7th cloud. Salman Khan Fight with all the other Bollywood actors have also been in the news many number of times, and in fact they have gone physical too.  Given below are the six Bollywood Celebrities who were actually slapped by Salman Khan.

1.Ranbir Kapoor

According to the reports, in some party the two celebrities got into some kind of an argument. The argument also turned into a physical fight. And when his father Salim Khan came to know about the entire thing, he then asked Salman Khan to immediately apologise.

2.Aishwarya Rai

Each and every one of us are aware of the fights that happened between the two. And it was this fight that also caused a break up between them. According to the reports it is believed that Salman has hit her many number of times when he was in a relationship with her.

3.Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

 It was during Katrina Birthday party, the two actors got into a physical fight. And the news was entirely spread to media within no time.

4.Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

While being in a relationship Salman Khan has hit Katrina many number of times. And this why they two landed up having a break up.

5.Sathish Kaushik

It was during the shoot of the movie Tere Naam, the actors got into an argument and in the heat that was caused between the two Salman Khan Slapped Sathish Kaushik.

6.Subhash Ghai

According to reports of Mid-Day, Salman Khan had slapped subhash Ghai at a party due to the comments that he had made. The reports also said that Salman father Salim was informed about it and he asked his son to immediately apologize for what ever happened.

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