Look How This 21 Year Old Guy Tricks Amazon Asking Them to Refund for 166 Phones

166 Phones

When it comes to the ecommerce websites, it is pretty much easy to be mad at a few site like Flipkart, Amazon when the product is not delivered or is not up to the mark. After all the ecommerce sites should be having some kind of a responsibility for the marketing that they have been doing right. But what about when the tables are turned.

This is what turned out to happen a few months ago, when a 21 year old guy successfully tricks amazon asking them to refund for his 166 phones. The guy with name Shivam Chopra reportedly got 166 costly mobile phones from the ecommerce website between the month of April and May, and then demands the sites to refund the amount back as he just received an empty box and nothing more than that.

According to the Delhi Police who has arrested this guy said that the guy has nearly made a profit of 50 lakhs in just one month, before the team amazon could wised up and inform the higher authorities. Shivam chopra was able to keep a string of jobs related to hotel management and lost his job in the month of March when he actually came up with such a scheme. He orders phones as an initial test and then immediately claims for the refund money which he actually turns out to receive. He went ahead and made nearly hundreds of purchases on Amazon, Apple, Samsung and the last but not the least one plus devices.

In addition to the Chopra case, the Delhi police has also arrested 38 year old guy Sachin Jain, who is the owner of a nearby mobile store and had been selling Shivam with more than 141 pre activated sim cards so that he could place the order successfully.

Shivam chopra
Chopra would use fake identity and address for all the orders made that would in turn make the delivery assistant call on the number that is given. He would then guide the delivery assistant to a spot that is close by to his home and then claim that the box was empty so that he could get the refund.

The Delhi police successfully tracked Shivam down and immediately seized more than 19 smart phones, some cash amount of 12 lakh rupees and few other items before arresting him. I am sure this is definitely a big lesson for the ecommerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon, who have to place their higher value on the trust of the customers if they wish to survive in this world. And if you do anything in short mess around with them then they are definitely find you that have duped them and it will then never ever come to an end.

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