Man Who Was Being Filmed for Repeatedly Throwing a Dog into the Freezing Ocean Goes Viral today.

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The animal rights campaigners are looking out for a man who appeared to throw a greyhound into the sea. This horrifying act was caught into the camera and is now been making rounds online in a bid in order to catch the culprit and charge him for the work he did.

Bystanders said that they had seen three men passing by with around nine greyhounds, making their way to the pier in Hartlepool in country dam on Thursday. In the entire case one of those particular dog was thrown into the sea and immediately pulled back out on the line.

One of the witnesses out there said, “They were being carried out to the end of the structure and unceremoniously flung in from a height of about 4ft and a distance, through the air, of 6ft. The waves were quite strong and my first thought was, once they had surfaced, what if they were propelled by the crashing waves into the rusting sides of the pier? There was a significant number of dogs in the group and it appeared that they were being taken out one by one.”

The waves were really very strong and my first thought to this was, that once they are surfaced what if they were again propelled by the crashing waves into the rusting sides of the pier??? There were many number of dogs in the group and it appeared that they were all taken out one by one.

Many who witnessed this incident said that they have never ever come across any such thing in their entire life. This fiasco has gone so viral that it has now turned out to become the talk of the town.

According to the inspector of that specific organisation said that one of them had reached the place on time but the group of people who had made the entire recording were not there. They however stated that the investigation is still on and they are waiting to capture the individuals behind the act of severe cruelty. The RPCA to this has urged and requested anyone who has information related to this please come forward. These images are really very distressing, and we request each and every one here who may have witnessed this entire incident, or has more information which could help an investigation contact us on 0300 1234 999 immediately.”

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